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Essential home networks for smarter living.

Home Network Installation

A robust home network is the foundation for any smart home. Without decent and reliable internet access and wifi connection your devices and smart technology will underperform, which can be frustrating. You’ll therefore need a strong a solid connection to wifi throughout your home. 

At Heritage Electrical, we’re experts in Smart home networking, Wifi installing and Starlink installation. We creative adaptable and future-proof solutions that utilise the latest high-speed technologies.

Our home network installation team has extensive knowledge and experience. We provide an extensive range of services and solutions for all situations from cabling and infrastructure to home wifi and Starlink installation. 

Home Networking: Connect Your Smart Devices

What We Offer

Network Design & Planning

Today, connectivity is the lifeline of our homes and businesses, effective network planning is the cornerstone of smart automation. Whether designing a network for a residence, office, or an entire smart home ecosystem, meticulous planning is essential to harness the full potential of connected technologies.

Home network installations for smart home automation

Assessment & Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the physical space, considering factors such as size, layout, and construction materials. We'll identify potential sources of interference and understanding the specific needs and demands of the network users.

Bandwidth & Data Requirements

We'll determine the required bandwidth based on the number of devices, applications, and anticipated data traffic. By assessing current and future data needs we'll ensure scalability and accommodate emerging technologies.

Device Placement & Coverage

By thinking strategically about the placement of networking equipment, including routers, switches, and access points, we will ensure optimal coverage throughout your home or business.

Wired and Wireless Infrastructure

Choosing the right mix of wired (Ethernet) and wireless technologies to meet the specific demands of the environment. Implementing a combination of these technologies to balance speed, reliability, and flexibility.

User Experience and Performance

By prioritising the user experience we can optimise network performance for low latency, high-speed data transfer, and seamless connectivity. We also address specific requirements of applications such as streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing

Smart Home Hub Connectivity

Central to any smart home network is the integration of a smart home hub. Ensuring proper cabling and connectivity for the hub allows for efficient communication and control of various smart devices from a centralized platform.

Network Cabling Installing

Cabling is a crucial part of any home network. This infrastructure determines the scalability and effectiveness of your network. We work with our clients to devise an infrastructure that fits around your needs, the strength of network coverage in your area and the technology you want to use on your network.

A well-designed network ensures the smooth operation of various smart devices, enabling homeowners to enjoy the full benefits of home automation, security, and entertainment systems.


We install high speed CAT6, CAT6a, Ethernet, Data and Fibre and more, ensuring you have connections points throughout your property and exceptional highspeed connectivity. 

By offering a comprehensive range of network cabling solutions, we empower homeowners to embrace the full potential of smart home technologies with confidence. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient network cabling services tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Ethernet Cabling

Ethernet cables remain a cornerstone of any smart home network. Cat6 and Cat6a cables are widely used for high-speed data transfer, providing the bandwidth necessary for streaming high-definition content, online gaming, and reliable communication between smart devices.

Fibre Optic Cabling

For clients seeking the ultimate in high-speed data transfer and minimal latency, fiber optic cabling is an excellent choice. Fiber optics offer unparalleled performance and are ideal for future-proofing the home network, ensuring it can handle the increasing demands of emerging technologies.

Powerline Adapters

In situations where traditional cabling may be challenging, powerline adapters utilize existing electrical wiring to transmit data signals. This technology is especially useful in retrofitting smart homes where running new cables might be impractical.

Wi-Fi Access Points

While not traditional cables, the strategic placement of Wi-Fi access points is a critical aspect of network cabling services. Ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the home is vital for reliable wireless connections and seamless smart device integration.

Smart Home Hub Connectivity

Central to any smart home network is the integration of a smart home hub. Ensuring proper cabling and connectivity for the hub allows for efficient communication and control of various smart devices from a centralized platform.

Smart Home Hub Configuration

Whether you’re looking to manage your lighting, thermostats, security systems, or entertainment devices, our Smart Home Hub Configuration Service empowers you to command your smart home with ease.

Our Smart Home Hub Configuration Service is tailored to streamline the integration and operation of diverse smart devices within your home, providing you with a centralized and intuitive control hub. Our team of experts specializes in configuring smart home hubs, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod, ensuring seamless communication between your interconnected devices. With a focus on user-friendly experiences, we meticulously set up and customize your smart home hub to align with your specific preferences and lifestyle.

Home network installations for smart home automation

Device Integration & Configuration

Our skilled technicians specialize in connecting and configuring a myriad of smart devices, transforming your home into an intelligently automated haven. From smart lighting and thermostats to security cameras and entertainment systems, we ensure that every device seamlessly communicates and collaborates within your network.

We go beyond mere connectivity, crafting automation scenarios that align with your daily routines and preferences. Whether you desire hands-free control, remote access, or enhanced energy efficiency, our Device Integration and Configuration Service empowers you to effortlessly manage your smart home ecosystem.

Home Network Installation

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