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Heatmiser Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming an increasingly popular way to heat the home. With low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and the ability to automate with smart controls, it’s the perfect solution for modern living.

Heatmiser are market leaders in the manufacture of underfloor heating thermostats. Trusted for their quality, advanced technology and longevity we exclusively install  Heatmiser thermostats, wiring centres, and underfloor heating accessories for both small and complex underfloor heating systems. 

We're Expert Installers

Installing complex electrical installations is one of our specialities. 

Heatmiser Underfloor systems require specialist knowledge of technology and expert knowledge on best practice. This is why we get called to a lot of installations that have either malfunctioned or never worked properly. Take a look at how we Rectified this poorly installed Heatmiser Underfloor Heatmiser System after several plumbers and electricians had tired but failed to resolve the problem.

About Heatmiser

Why Choose Heatmiser Underfloor Heating?

Heatmiser are a leading manufacturer in Underfloor Heating controls for smart home installations. They offer intelligent and high-quality products and are our preferred manufacturer for installing smart underfloor and central heating.

Heatmiser provider everything from Underfloor controls to individual thermostats to ensure effective and full control from any mobile device. 


Heatmiser Logo in black. Our preferred manufacturer for automated heating and underfloorheating

What we Install

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Digital and programmable thermostats give you full control from an app of your underfloor heating system. These clever systems can also be used with most other heating systems to give you smart control of water, electric floor, boilers, radiators and green energy sources.

Underfloor Heating Wiring Centres

Wiring Centres are the brain of any underfloor heating system. Used in conjunction with floor heating thermostats they allow you to create different zones in your home where you can control both underfloor heating and radiator temperatures.

Thimble Sensors

Heatmiser Thimble Sensors discretely measure room temperatures and can be used instead of a wall mounted thermostat.


Installed onto underfloor heating manifolds they control the flow of water when instructed by the remote thermostates.

heatmiser wireless underfloor heating

We have installed many underfloor heating systems; both wet and electric. Take a look at our underfloor heating installations suing Heatmiser to create highly functioning and gorgeous looking smart underfloor heating.