• A beautiful back garden in darkness with many areas illuminated with outdoor lighting
  • An impressive indoor vertical light fitting being connected with LEDs
  • A Pergola with lighting around the soffits
  • A large stone cottage in darkness lit up with outdoor lighting
  • A house and outhouse in evening light lit with warm outdoor lighting
  • An indoor cinema room being wired for audio
  • A large stone cottage from a side view in darkness lit up with outdoor lighting
  • A large house with a double garage lit with outdoor lighting

Welcome to Heritage Electrical

Smart Home & Business Automation Systems Installation. Operating in Yorkshire, the North West, Devon & across the UK, with 20+ yrs experience.

  • Automated outdoor lighting installation in Denby Dale
  • Recessed LED tape installation in Holmfirth
  • Wall mounted lighting
  • External lighting of a stone house in Holmfirth
  • Home Cinema Installation in Cheshire
  • External lighting of a stone house in Holmfirth

Welcome to Heritage Electrical

Smart Home & Business Automation Systems Installation. Operating in Yorkshire, the North West, Devon & across the UK, with 20+ yrs experience.


Electrical Power and Lighting installation

Smart Lighting & Power

Bespoke lighting planning, design and installation – both functional and decorative. Set the perfect lighting level for the time of day or mood; all from your smartphone or tablet. Create scenes and schedules to control multiple lights simultaneously. Smart lighting control for business can save money on expensive bills by setting schedules to ensure no lights are left on after hours.

Security & CCTV installation

Security & CCTV

Protect your home or business by installing CCTV monitoring and an alarm system, both accessible from your mobile device. Set up motion detection and notifications to be warned of possible intruders before they enter your property. For you business, entry panels can be customised with individual codes for staff to allow monitoring of entry/exit events.

Electrical Heating and Cooling installation

Heating & Cooling

Installation of underfloor heating, and smart app-based heating controls allow for instant and remote access to the heating of your home or business. Save money on heating bills by avoiding the needless heating of rooms not in use. Make use of sunlight sensors to adjust the amount of extra heating required by your system to keep you at the right temperature, day or night.

Heritage Electrical offering advice to a customer

Testing & Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive inspection and testing service covering everything from the domestic home owner, or landlord market to small and large business premises. We also offer advice on the particulars of installation with regards to the correct application of the IET wiring regulations. With the inception of new technologies, it is ever more imperative that the correct equipment is installed to protect the end-user in the event of a fault.

Electric Car Charging Installation

Electric Car Charging & Solar PV

The UK government is currently offering grants on certain electric vehicles and chargers. We can spec and install a suitable charger for your new vehicle and provide information on how to claim this grant. If you’re thinking of future-proofing your home, Solar PV combined with battery storage allows you to generate and store electricity during the day, before using it in the evening to power your appliances.

Data and Networking Solutions

Data & Networking Solutions

The internet – we all need it these days, ideally both fast and reliable! We can install and improve the networking in your home or business, and provide solutions for poor internet speeds – for example if you’re based in a rural location. We can also install network cameras, network audio, media streaming, and mesh networking.

Smart Home Automation

Smart Automation

Smart home automation brings a wealth of benefits – convenience, energy efficiency, increased home security, accessibility. And it can massively increase the value of your property. 

However it can be daunting – there are so many different manufacturers and apps! Thankfully it’s our speciality – we can look to find the best system for your requirements, and advise on products which work as part of a wider smart home ecosystem, ultimately to be controlled by one app or voice assistant.

Home Audio and Cinema Installations

Home Audio & Cinema

We have a range of audio and video solutions for both home and commercial automation systems. Want a smart home theater, with automated shading control, video and lighting all controlled from one central location? Do you want to wow your prospective customers or employees with a smart automated conference room? Heritage Electrical can help!

Assisted Living and Mobility Installations

Assisted Living

Home automation technology can help less mobile people to do more in their own home by simply giving voice instructions to “Alexa”. This could include actions such as opening windows, turning lights on or off, closing curtains or blinds or even answering the door. Home automation can also be used for loved ones to virtually ‘drop-in’ to check on their loved ones.

Why choose Heritage?

Expert planning and design

Every option explored and considered. We liaise with other trades to ensure smooth delivery.

High quality of workmanship

We care deeply about the quality and presentation of our installation work. We are not in the business of cutting corners.

Cutting edge smart home solutions

We can advise on useful, time and energy saving solutions for your smart home.

Expansive product knowledge

We can advise on products, but also have a range of preferred high quality items, tried and testing for longevity and functionality.

20+ years of experience

Our in house staff are suitably qualified, and stay on top of developments in the industry.

Transparent costs

We pride ourselves on accurate, honest quoting and invoicing. We maintain an open line of communication with clients regarding costings.

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