Smart Home & Business

Smart Home & Business

Some of our preferred manufacturers

Control your smart home from your phone, tablet or computer

Wired and wireless systems available, both for new installations and retrofit solutions

Lighting, heating & entertainment can all be run on one device

Voice control with Alexa integration

View your CCTV cameras and set your alarm from your phone

Smart Home Automation

Our smart home automation systems can bring your security systems/ CCTV, heating, lighting, shading, climate control, home audio systems and home cinemas all under one user interface. Home automation systems are the perfect finishing touch for any home allowing you to control your home from your phone, tablet or home computer.

Want to close the curtains and turn a light on to make it look like someone's at home? Our home automation system can do that.. and so much more. Check out our services below and see how we can bring your home into the 21st century with a modern smart home automation system.

Commercial Automation

We can help your business operate more effectively using automated systems. Ensure your premises are protected. Ensure your lighting, audio and visual systems work seamlessly and all from easy to control mobile or desktop apps.

Our qualified staff will be on hand to best advise you as to what commercial automation systems your business can benefit from. We offer a free onsite consultation to ensure you're getting the best possible advice.


How we can bring Home & Commercial Automation to you

We provide a large range of home automation and business automation services