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Smart lighting control and installation

Lighting a home may seem like a mundane essential. However, the importance of correct and effective lighting options shouldn’t be underestimated. Aesthetically, lighting can enhance a home; making it feel more inviting and opening, while poor lighting can make the most expensive homes seem dingy and small. 

Ambient lighting can invoke feelings of comfort and relaxation, while task lighting can help us feel brighter and make us more productive in the home or workplace. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, thanks to smart lighting and smart lighting controls, you can style your home, make huge savings on installation and running costs and gain sophisticated levels of control with smart technology.

Our Work

All the lighting in his new extension including driveway lighting, perimeter lighting, garden lighting, is all wirelessly controlled using Lutron in-line dimmer and switch modules.

Our clients was so impressed with the Lutron equipment that we ended up retro-fitting modules to allow him to integrate his whole home onto this system. Take a look at the entire installation process and some of the gear required.

Create the Perfect Ambience

Whether you’re having a dinner party, games nights or movie night,  smart lighting can be adapted to suit your mood and your requirements. Instead of lights being on or off Smart Lighting can provide the ultimate flexibility giving you the ability to choose intensity of light and even colour. Whether you’re looking at installing smart lighting controls into specific rooms or across your home, we can help design tailored solutions that compliment the way you live.  

Smart Light Automation

Smart lighting provides you with the ability to set timers or control your lights remotely. This is great for security and will deter intruders. You can make it look like you’re at home even when you’re on holiday. How many times do you children come home from school and sit in the dark? With programmable lights you can automate your lights to come and turn off at specific times. You can also programme your light intensity by setting the default brightness with dimmer bulbs and smart light switches. There are so many options.

Designing intelligent Smart Lighting Eco Systems

A common mistake is to replace bulbs with smart bulbs that can then be controlled with a mobile app. However, if you have a lot of bulbs across your house this can be expensive, time consuming and doesn’t provide the best level of control. Plus, if your wifi isn’t great you may find that functionality and control with be patchy at best. Finally, since many of these bulbs also require bluetooth, you won’t be able to control them when you aren’t in the house or within range. 

Instead, we can design and install far more robust and efficient lighting ecosystems comprised of intelligent technology and technical electrical knowhow. 

Most smart home lighting and smart lighting switches will be retrofitted. This means they will be added to or fully replace your existing setup. However, with Pico controls by Lutron, retrofitting smart lighting is an easier and cost effective solution. 

Our Process

The Spec

At your initial consultation we will talk to you about your ideas, your current electrical set up and your budget. This is your chance to provide your lighting specifications and gives us a unique understanding of how you want to live and use your home.

The Demonstration

We’ll talk you through and demonstrate our lighting automation solutions. We’ll also explain how they address your key concerns and priorities. This ensures that you get value for money and a smart lighting solution that meets all your requirements.

The Design

We take care to design smart lighting solutions that are both functional and beautiful. We use only the highest quality products that look good and work well. Once you’re happy with the proposal we’ll develop a project plan around you.

The Management

We work with contractors like architects and interior designers and builders to ensure a seamless delivery. By taking a detail driven approach we can ensure that the installation of your smart lighting and smart lighting switches is exactly what you’ve specified.

The Installation

Once we have installed your smart home solution we will carry out comprehensive condition reports and tests. This is your proof and assurance that everything is in full working order and installed to the highest safety regulations.

The Handover

We’ll take you through your new technologies and installations providing full demonstrations and training. Once you’re confident with how everything works, we’ll leave you to enjoy your newly crafted space.

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