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Data Cabinet installation and 4G LTE Antenna Installation for remote locations with no telephone line.

Enhancing Internet Speeds and Network Efficiency with Data Cabinet Installation

This project showcases the transformative power of a data cabinet installation. In this case, our client faced the challenge of limited internet speeds with their BT landline, prompting us to engineer a solution that not only addressed the speed issue but also streamlined the entire network setup. We offer lots of innovative solutions for improved home networks, including Starlink Installation 

The Need for Speed

Our client’s BT landline was delivering a mere three megabytes per second (Mbps) download speed, and conventional solutions didn’t offer a significant improvement. Frustrated with the limitations, we explored an innovative approach to boost internet speeds by incorporating LTE technology.

Wireless Solution for Increased Flexibility

To overcome the limitations of traditional routers and antennas with short coaxial cables, we installed an LTE antenna on the roof. This antenna, equipped with a Vodafone SIM card, provided a wireless solution that eliminated the need for a router to be positioned inconveniently close to the outer wall. The result? Impressive download speeds ranging from 30 to 60 Mbps, a substantial improvement from the initial three Mbps.

Tidying Up the Network Infrastructure

Beyond addressing the internet speed challenge, we recognized the opportunity to optimize the entire network infrastructure. The existing setup, with the router, antenna, and network switches scattered behind a desk, was far from ideal. Our recommendation was to centralize and organize everything into a dedicated plant room or data cabinet.

The Heart of Efficiency: Data Cabinet Installation

The data cabinet became the focal point of our network optimization strategy. Equipped with a power supply at the top, cable tidies for a neat appearance, and essential components like a Ubiquiti network switch and a Ubiquiti UDM Pro router, this cabinet represented a leap towards efficiency.

Future-Proofing with Quality Components

We invested in quality components such as a Cat6a patch panel and Cat6a cable, designed to minimize interference between power and signals. This not only ensures a reliable current setup but also future-proofs the building for potential expansions. The Cat6a cable, with its screened pairs, guarantees a stable connection for both power and data.

Ubiquiti’s Role in Network Empowerment

The Ubiquiti network switch, with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, opens up possibilities for powering devices like CCTV cameras and access points. The Ubiquiti UDM Pro router, boasting eight ports and a 16-port switch for future expansions, exemplifies our commitment to robust and scalable network solutions.

Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Our approach involved connecting the entire house to this centralized point, using Cat6a cable and a patch panel. The network switch facilitated connectivity to various media plates strategically placed around the house, enabling seamless access to the network in different areas.

Intelligent Home Control with Lutron

Integrating Lutron’s Ra2 Select system added an extra layer of sophistication. Using an RF signal, Pico switches and Lutron modules connected wirelessly, reducing reliance on the internet. The Lutron hub, strategically placed in the data cabinet, enabled convenient programming and app-based control, including setting timers, scenes, and utilizing an astronomical clock for exterior lighting control.


A Unified, High-Performance Network

In conclusion, this project exemplifies our commitment to not only solving immediate challenges but also optimising and future-proofing the network infrastructure. From enhancing internet speeds to organising and centralising network components, Heritage Electrical is dedicated to providing smart, efficient, and scalable solutions.

If you’re considering network optimisation, whether for increased internet speeds or comprehensive smart home integration, don’t hesitate to reach out. Heritage Electrical is here to guide you through the possibilities and tailor solutions to meet your specific needs.

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