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Boosting home Wi-Fi and improving home network speeds

Boosting Home Wi-Fi: Our Solution to Poor Internet Speeds

In this project we walk you through the process of boosting home Wi-Fi speeds with Ubiquiti Access Points. Let me walk you through the steps we took to turn their frustrating internet situation into a seamless, high-speed experience.

The Initial Challenge

The customer was dealing with sluggish internet speeds in various parts of their property, thanks to thick stone walls and foil-backed insulation. Even with Sky Broadband and a Google Wi-Fi attempt, the signal just wasn’t cutting it.

Going Beyond Wireless Mesh

Our solution? A hardwired setup featuring Ubiquiti switches and access points. We noticed that the property already had data points in each room, though they were left unutilized. We terminated every data point, bringing all the Cat5e cables back to a utility room where we installed a patch panel and a 24-port Ubiquiti switch.

Boosting Home Wi-Fi With Ubiquiti Access Points

Unlike the previous Google Wi-Fi attempt, we opted for Ubiquiti access points. Here’s the game-changer – each access point received a hardwired connection directly to the switch. This means a full 130 Mbps download speed, ensuring a reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.

Outdoor Access Point for Garden Bliss

To cover every nook and cranny, we installed an IP-rated outdoor Ubiquiti access point at the end of the customer’s garden. Now, they can make Wi-Fi calls while enjoying the outdoors, even at a considerable distance from the house.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Simplicity

Simplifying the setup, everything runs on Power over Ethernet. One cable handles both power and data, streamlining the process and reducing cable clutter.

Controller Software for Easy Management

We integrated controller software to provide our customer with control over their network. From checking device status to upgrading firmware, managing connected clients, and adjusting network settings – the software offers a user-friendly interface to keep everything in check.

Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

If you’re struggling with internet connectivity in your home, consider the benefits of adding access points to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss how we can enhance your internet experience. Take a look at our Home Network Installation solutions or get in touch. We’re here to help!

And there you have it! A successful project turning a Wi-Fi woe into a Wi-Fi WOW. If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, feel free to drop a comment below. Happy surfing!

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