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Powerful and intelligent smart home solutions for great independence and security.

Advanced Technological Solutions For

smart homes for assisted living

Living safely and independently is something that many of us take for granted. Thankfully, modern smart technology (or assistive technology) is helping people to maintain and improve their independence. With voice control, gesture control and intelligent automations, we’ve seen first hand how technology can increase safety and enhance wellbeing. We helpful and efficient create smart homes for assisted living.

There are so many different ways that smart homes can help with assisted living. Whether you’re suffering from mobility issues, hearing, sight or problems with your speech, our compassionate engineers can help design and install the perfect solutions. 

Take a look at some of our Smart Solutions for Assisted Living Below.

Home Network Installations

A robust home network is the foundation for any smart home. Without decent and reliable internet access and wifi connection your devices and smart technology will underperform, which can be frustrating. You’ll therefore need a strong a solid connection to wifi throughout your home. 

At Heritage Electrical, we’re experts in Smart home networking, Wifi installing and Starlink Internet installation. We create adaptable and future-proof solutions that utilise the latest high-speed technologies which is essential for creating smart homes for assisted living.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting provides you with the ability to set timers or control your lights remotely. This is great for security and those with mobility issues. You can make it look like you’re at home even when you’re on holiday or control every light from one mobile device.

With programmable lights you can automate your lights to come and turn off at specific times. You can also programme your light intensity by setting the default brightness with dimmer bulbs and smart light switches. Lights can be controlled with voice, gesture or remotely.

Smart Central Heating Controls

Smarting Heating can do everything from learn you routine, adapt to colder temperatures and be controlled from a remote device.

Our smart home electricians provide consultations to review your existing home set up and technology to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

We can fit smart thermostats that give you the power to control and programme your boiler remotely. We can even programme your smart controls so that they can be used through voice control devices like the Amazon Echo or Alexa and Google Nest speakers, making them great for Smart assisted living homes. 

Home network installations for smart home automation

Smart Automatic Window Blinds

Elevate your living spaces with the seamless integration Automatic Window Blinds.

As Smart Home technology specialists, we design and install smart blinds to work around your needs, your routine and requirements. And because we are industry leaders in smart home installations we bring a touch of sophistication to your living environment, combining cutting-edge technology with practical elegance.

Smart blinds can be programmed to open and close throughout the day, and be controlled through voice command, gesture control or directly from a mobile device. 

Home Automation for Assisted Living

This project exemplifies the seamless integration of smart home technology for assisted living. Our team specialises in cutting-edge solutions, and in this case, we employed Lutron, a world leader in home automation and lighting controls, to create an intuitive and accessible smart home environment.