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The Ultimate in Comfort and Efficiency with Smart Home Heating

Smart Heating Installation

Smart Heating Systems can revolutionise your home or business. With intelligent temperature detection abilities, gone are the days when you need to heat your whole home for heating or cooling in a single room. 

Smart heating systems and controls are adaptable, easy to use and are proven to save you money. With a simple consultation from us, we’ll be able to advise on the best technologies, system and set up, based on your usage and your home network.  


Our Work

With decades of experience in smart heating installations we fit heating systems in both residential and commercial premises. From ceiling fans, to combo boiler systems and smart underfloor heating systems, we use our expert knowledge and advanced technology to create fully automated and intelligent heating solutions.  

Take a look at how we integrated a Heatmiser underfloor heating system into an existing Vaillant eBus Central heating System. Get in touch with your ideas and specifications. 

Smart Heating Systems

Smart heating systems utilise your wifi or home network, allowing you to control the temperature of your home, remotely, from a mobile device. 

With the ability to remotely control the temperature of individual rooms, smart heating systems are proven to be more efficient by saving you energy and money.  

Our preferred systems are vaillant ebus and ambisense for boilers, hot water and radiators. We use Heatmiser for UFH and these systems work very well together. 

Home network installations for smart home automation

Smart Central Heating Controls

When it comes to smart central heating controls there are a variety of ways this can be achieved. 

Our smart home electricians provide consultations to review your existing home set up and technology to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions. 

We can fit smart wireless thermostats that give you the power to control and programme your boiler remotely. Alternatively, for more zonal control, we can provide and fit radiator thermostats for individual room control. 

We can even programme your smart controls so that they can be used through voice control devices like the Amazon Echo or Alexa and Google Nest speakers, making them great for Smart assisted living home. 

A smart thermostatic radiator valve by Tado, retrofitted by Heritage Electrical Automation

Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)

Achieve ultimate comfort, control and efficiency with Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). These battery operated thermostats can be retro fitted (installed) to existing radiators, so there is no need to disruptive, messy work. 

These clever devices connect to your Wi-Fi network which means they can be controlled remoted from a single app on any device.  They also work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home and can be programmed throughout the day for automated control. We use leading products by leading manufacture like TadoHive and Honeywell.

Smart Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming a popular alternative to traditional radiators. These advanced systems are much better at keeping rooms at a more consistent temperature are energy efficient, reduce energy consumption, more practical, more hygienic and more compatible with modern living. 

Whether you’re looking to retrofit smart controls for your underfloor heating and central heating, install a new underfloor heating system, or need help fixing existing problems, we are specialists in this area and are able to provide, honest and transparent solutions. 

We specialise in fitting Heatmiser controls. We choose Heatmiser products because they are more expandable then any other system and are capable of controlling multiple heating loops providing the ultimate control. 


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