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Heatmiser Neoplugs to control Towel Radiators and Outside Lights

Optimising Heating Control with Heatmiser Neoplugs

Introduction: In a three-story building with a complex manifold system controlling radiators and underfloor heating, efficient heating control is essential. However, an initial setup with inadequate control mechanisms led to issues such as improper radiator activation and damaged actuators. To address these challenges, the installation of Heatmiser Neoplugs was proposed to provide separate control for towel radiators and outside lights.

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Identifying Challenges

The existing setup lacked separate control for towel rails, leading to all rails being activated simultaneously. Additionally, radiators were controlled incorrectly, causing inefficiencies and discomfort. The manifold’s higher temperature operation also contributed to damaged actuators, highlighting the need for durable components.

Implementing Heatmiser Neoplugs

Six Neoplugs were installed to separate control for various heating zones and outside lights. By integrating Heatmiser Neoplugs with the existing system, independent control over towel radiators and corridor heaters was achieved, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

Benefits of Neoplugs

Heatmiser Neoplugs provided a cost-effective solution for optimizing heating control, offering reliability and ease of installation. Unlike standard actuators, Neoplugs offered durability and simple operation, ensuring long-term functionality.

Enhancing System Performance

With Neoplugs in place, each heating zone gained individual control, improving user comfort and energy management. By addressing wiring and control issues, the system’s efficiency was significantly enhanced, leading to more reliable operation and reduced energy consumption.


The integration of Heatmiser Neoplugs resolved heating control challenges in a multi-story building, providing separate control for towel radiators and outside lights. Through meticulous installation and system optimization, comfort, efficiency, and reliability were significantly improved, showcasing the effectiveness of Neoplugs in complex heating systems.

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