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Take a look at how we mastered Vaillant Heating Control Wiring for this client

Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency with Vaillant Heating Control

In this case study, we’ll delve into a recent project where Heritage Electrical tackled the challenge of integrating advanced heating control systems using Vaillant technology. Let’s explore how we optimised comfort and efficiency for our client’s home. I’ll be walking you through some of the intricate work we’ve recently completed on a customer’s Vaillant heating system. At Heritage Electrical, we specialise in being able to fix issues that many other electricians can’t! With 20 plus year’s of experience, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the design and implementation of complex heating systems and smart home technology.

Understanding the Setup

In this particular project, the customer had an existing boiler in place with associated pipework. Our task involved integrating new underfloor heating in an extension, which necessitated some adjustments to the system.

Vaillant Heating Control Wiring

The customer’s previous setup used a VR 70 wiring centre, which provided only two heating loops. To accommodate the extension’s underfloor heating, we upgraded this to a VR 71, adding an extra heating loop.

Delving into the Wiring

Let’s take a closer look at the wiring:

  • R1, R2, and R3: These correspond to the three heating loops, providing power to zone valves as needed.
  • Temperature Sensors: Each zone has its dedicated temperature sensor, allowing precise control over heating.
  • Switch Inputs: We’ve integrated switch inputs for external systems, like Heatmiser, enhancing control capabilities.

Internet Connectivity and Control

In today’s smart homes, connectivity is key. We installed a VR 920 gateway for internet access, enabling control of the Ambisense TRVs (wireless thermostatic radiator valves) throughout the house.

Advanced Programming with VRC700

All programming tasks, including setting heating preferences and managing hot water, are handled through the VRC700 main control unit. This centralized approach streamlines operation and ensures efficient system management.

Room-Specific Control

To further enhance comfort and efficiency, we incorporated a VR 91 room stat. This allows for localized control in specific areas, complementing the overarching system management provided by the VRC700.

Optimizing Efficiency with Outdoor Temperature Sensing

One standout feature of the Vaillant system is its integration of outdoor temperature sensing. By dynamically adjusting the heating curve based on external conditions, the system optimizes efficiency and comfort, moving beyond binary heating control.

Tailoring Solutions to Individual Needs

At Heritage Electrical, we understand that every home and client is unique. That’s why we tailor our solutions to meet specific requirements. In this project, we leveraged the capabilities of the Vaillant system to deliver precise heating control suited to the customer’s needs.

The Client’s Needs

Our client approached us with a desire to modernise their heating system while enhancing control and efficiency. They sought a solution that could provide precise temperature regulation in different zones of their home, including newly added underfloor heating in an extension.

Solution Implementation

To meet the client’s requirements, we proposed a comprehensive solution centered around Vaillant heating control technology. Here’s how we executed the project:

Upgrading the System

We began by assessing the existing heating setup and identified the need for an upgrade to accommodate the new underfloor heating in the extension. This involved replacing the previous VR 70 wiring center with a VR 71, allowing for an additional heating loop.

Advanced Wiring and Integration

Our team meticulously wired the system, ensuring seamless integration of various components, including zone valves, temperature sensors, and switch inputs for external control systems like Heatmiser. This intricate setup enabled precise control over heating zones and enhanced connectivity for remote access and management.

Programming and Configuration

With the hardware in place, we focused on programming and configuration using the Vaillant VRC700 main control unit. This centralized interface allowed us to set up and fine-tune the heating zones, assign controllers, and optimize system performance according to the client’s preferences.

Key Features and Benefits

Dynamic Temperature Control

One of the standout features of the Vaillant system is its ability to dynamically adjust the heating curve based on outdoor temperature sensing. This intelligent functionality ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency by precisely regulating heating output in response to changing conditions.

Room-Specific Control

By incorporating room thermostats like the VR 91, we provided the client with the flexibility to adjust temperatures in individual rooms or zones, further enhancing comfort and energy savings.

Seamless Integration with Smart Technology

The Vaillant system seamlessly integrates with smart home technology, allowing the client to control heating settings remotely via a mobile app. This convenience empowers them to manage their home’s heating system from anywhere, ensuring comfort and efficiency on demand.

Results and Client Satisfaction

Following the successful implementation of the Vaillant heating control system, our client experienced a significant improvement in comfort and efficiency throughout their home. They appreciated the ability to customize heating settings, monitor system performance, and enjoy the benefits of advanced temperature control technology.


At Heritage Electrical, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the comfort, efficiency, and convenience of our clients’ homes. By leveraging industry-leading technologies like Vaillant heating control systems, we empower homeowners to achieve their desired level of comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

If you’re considering upgrading your smart heating system or integrating smart home technology, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to help you transform your home into a modern oasis of comfort and efficiency.

In this blog post, I aimed to provide a detailed yet approachable overview of the work undertaken, showcasing our expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions in the field of smart home technology and heating systems. If there are any further questions about Vaillant Heating Control Wiring or if you’d like to discuss your own project, feel free to contact us.

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