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Resolving undefloor heating issues by upgrading to Heatmiser

Resolving Underfloor Heating Challenges Through Expert Heatmiser System Upgrade

Embarking on a project to address a malfunctioning underfloor heating system, our team showcased its adept skills in resolving complex electrical issues with a Heatmiser System Upgrade. In this case study, we delve into the meticulous process of identifying and rectifying the problems, highlighting our expertise in Heatmiser installations and troubleshooting.

Heatmiser System Upgrade

The client reported issues with their underfloor heating system, where the upstairs radiators were not receiving sufficient heat, and the overall temperature fluctuated between extremes. Upon arrival, our team, led by Tom from Heritage, conducted a thorough inspection to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.


Identifying Issues

The existing system presented a disarray of wiring and poorly labelled components, making fault finding a crucial aspect of the project. Tom identified 11 heating loops and five stats controlling underfloor heating downstairs, requiring meticulous organization and labelling to ensure accuracy during the upgrade.


Integrating Heatmiser Hot Water Controller

To address the challenges, our team proposed the installation of a Heatmiser hot water controller, replacing the outdated generic timer. This upgrade not only brought efficiency but also allowed for seamless integration with the Heatmiser smart system. Tom walked through the process of connecting the hot water controller to the app, providing the client with advanced control over their hot water system.


Thermostat Installation and Wiring Tidying

The project involved upgrading the existing battery-powered thermostat upstairs to a Heatmiser thermostat. This required rewiring and ensuring a reliable power supply for the thermostat. Tom demonstrated the meticulous process of rerouting and securing cables, ensuring a tidy and organized wiring setup that facilitates future maintenance.

Actuator and Zone Valve Adjustments

Unravelling a critical issue with the zone valves and actuators, Tom identified misconfigurations that led to heating inconsistencies. The actuators, responsible for controlling the flow of heat, were wrongly paired with zones, causing imbalances in temperature distribution. With precision, Tom corrected these issues, ensuring that each zone received the appropriate level of heating.

Kitchen Zone Troubleshooting

A specific challenge arose in the kitchen zone, where the thermostat was not effectively calling for heat. Tom discovered a loose connection that was easily overlooked, rectifying the issue and ensuring that the kitchen received the necessary heating.

Wiring Centre Optimisation

Taking a proactive approach, our team optimized the wiring centre, enhancing accessibility and organization. Tom explained the strategic placement of cables and the use of cable grips to prevent potential issues in the future. This meticulous approach showcased our commitment to providing not only immediate solutions but also long-term reliability.


Conclusion and Client Demonstration

With the upgrades and troubleshooting complete, Tom provided the client with a comprehensive demonstration of the Heatmiser app and system functionalities. The client, now equipped with advanced control options and a fully functional underfloor heating system, expressed satisfaction with the thorough and professional approach taken by our team.


In resolving the faulty underfloor heating system with a Heatmiser System Upgrade, our team showcased expertise in installation, meticulous fault finding, and electrical troubleshooting. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering reliable and innovative solutions, ensuring optimal comfort and control for our clients. If you encounter heating control challenges, Heritage is your trusted partner for comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

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