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Luxury Lutron Triathlon Automated Blind Installation

We recently had the pleasure of measuring up for an exciting project – the installation of Lutron Triathlon automated blinds at a distinguished residence. In this case study, I’ll walk you through the client’s needs, our meticulous planning, and the unparalleled benefits of Lutron’s cutting-edge automated blinds.

Client’s Challenge:

Our client’s home featured traditional roller blinds with pull cords, a common sight in many households. However, these blinds posed several challenges, especially in larger homes with expansive windows. The constant need to manually adjust the blinds for changing light conditions and privacy was not only cumbersome but also risked damage to the blinds and expensive furniture. Moreover, concerns about child safety with dangling cords prompted the homeowners to seek a safer and more efficient solution.


Lutron Triathlon Automated Blinds: A Game-Changer:

Enter Lutron Triathlon automated window blinds – a revolutionary solution that seamlessly merges technology with elegance. These blinds not only offer automated control but also address the safety concerns associated with traditional corded blinds, making them an ideal choice for homes with children.


Planning and Expertise:

Our installation process began with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s space. The challenge lay in the bay windows across the front of the house, which demanded a thoughtful approach to achieve both aesthetic and functional goals. The existing pull cords were to be replaced with cordless, motorized blinds to enhance safety and convenience.


Key Considerations and Solutions:

Architectural Challenges

The bay windows presented architectural challenges, including limited mounting options. Our solution involved creating a custom mounting plate that would house the blinds securely above the windows.

Inward-Opening Windows

Some windows opened inward, requiring careful consideration to ensure that the blinds wouldn’t obstruct window functionality. Precision planning involved mounting the blinds higher to allow for unimpeded window operation.

Child Safety

Eliminating cords from the equation addressed the safety concerns associated with traditional blinds, ensuring a child-friendly environment.


Lutron Triathlon in Action

Our sample blind demonstration showcased the impressive functionality of Lutron Triathlon blinds. The wireless, motorized system offered effortless control, with options for preset heights, automated schedules based on sunrise and sunset, and integration with other smart home devices.


Benefits of Lutron Triathlon Automated Blinds

  1. Convenience and Safety: The cordless, motorized design enhances convenience and ensures a safe environment, especially for homes with children.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Programmed schedules and automation based on sunlight conditions contribute to energy savings, optimizing the use of natural light.

  3. Customization and Aesthetics: Lutron’s versatile blinds allow for customization in terms of fabric, fascia, and operational preferences, seamlessly blending with the home’s interior.

  4. Integration with Smart Home Ecosystem: Our expertise in smart home technology integration ensured that the Lutron Triathlon blinds seamlessly meshed with the existing smart home ecosystem, offering a cohesive and intuitive control experience.



In conclusion, the installation of Lutron Triathlon automated blinds transformed the client’s living spaces, providing a perfect blend of sophistication, safety, and efficiency. Our meticulous planning and expertise in smart home technology integration ensured a seamless transition to a more intelligent and elegant home environment.

If you’re considering automated blinds installation, trust Heritage as your dedicated partner in bringing cutting-edge technology into your home. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and experience the future of automated living.

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