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Smart Home Technology for Assisted Living

Elevating Home Living: A Closer Look at Assisted Living Smart Home Technology

Hello, I’m Paul from Heritage Electrical, and today I’m excited to share a recent project that exemplifies the seamless integration of smart home technology for assisted living. Our team specializes in cutting-edge solutions, and in this case, we employed Lutron, a world leader in home automation and lighting controls, to create an intuitive and accessible smart home environment.

The Power of Lutron in Assisted Living

Assisted Living Smart Home Technology

The Power of Lutron in Assisted Living

Lutron’s wireless system stood out for this installation, offering not only automation capabilities but also the flexibility of being a retrofit solution. This proved crucial for a residence where we needed to enhance accessibility without major structural modifications.

One standout component of the system is the Pico switch – a sleek, battery-operated device with on/off and dimming functionalities. These switches, whether wall-mounted or placed on a weighted pedestal, provide an elegant and accessible solution for individuals with mobility challenges.

Control at Your Fingertips: Modules and Options

The Lutron system boasts an array of modules catering to different needs. From inline dimmers to 16-amp relays for higher loads and passive infrared sensors for motion detection, the options are extensive. In our installation, we even utilized a 16-amp relay to control an immersion heater, ensuring hot water availability even if the boiler malfunctioned.

Voice-Activated Convenience

In the spirit of making life easier, voice control emerged as a central theme in this assisted living smart home. The Pico switches and modules seamlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa, enabling effortless control over lights, windows, and even the immersion heater. A simple voice command like “Alexa, open the window” can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Neat and Expandable: Behind-the-Scenes Setup

We took pride in ensuring the installation was neat, easily accessible, and ready for future expansions. All the relays and dimmers were neatly housed inside a cupboard for easy maintenance and future additions. The retrofit modules, designed to fit through spotlight holes, allowed us to incorporate smart technology without the need for extensive rewiring.

App Control for Ultimate Flexibility

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the Lutron app adds another layer of flexibility. From creating scenes for different zones to setting schedules based on astronomical clocks that track sunrise and sunset, the app empowers users to customize their environment effortlessly. It even provides a quick overview of all connected devices, allowing remote monitoring and control.

A Glimpse into the Future

As we explored different areas of the house, showcasing the retrofit modules and the thoughtful placement of devices, it became evident that smart home technology has the potential to revolutionize assisted living.

Embracing Assisted Living Smart Home Technology

In conclusion, this assisted living smart home installation exemplifies our commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced living experiences. The fusion of Lutron’s advanced solutions with intuitive voice control and app-based customisation creates an environment that is not only smart but also empathetic to the unique needs of individuals.

If you’re considering a smart home installation or have specific requirements for assisted living solutions, we invite you to reach out to Heritage Electrical. Our team is here to provide professional guidance and tailor smart home solutions to suit your needs.

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