Some of the equipment required for home networking

Solutions for poor broadband speeds in Denby Dale

Solutions for poor broadband speeds in Denby Dale

Not everyone has access to super fast broadband and fibre connections. If you live in a rural area, or even if you’re just suffering with poor speeds from BT, Virgin, Sky etc. using an LTE antenna and a SIM card might just be the answer… Whatever your issue with home networking, Heritage Electrical can help. This example is based in Denby Dale, Kirklees; but Heritage can help with connection issues anywhere across Kirklees and West Yorkshire.

Below we’ve created a couple of videos covering what type of kit you’ll need for a fully hard wired, networked house – including provision for smart home tech such as heating and lighting. We’ve used high quality networking gear from Ubiquiti who not only produce routers and switches for distributing a connection, but also access points, PoE cameras and even PoE lighting.

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What kit will I need for a home network?

Installing an antenna for fast internet in the countryside!

Do I need CAT6a cable? Do I need a mesh network?

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Our customer in was only obtaining 3Mbps download speed in Denby Dale, which wasn’t enough to be able to stream video, audio, access larger files online, control his smart home effectively. With the installation of the LTE antenna and a Vodafone SIM, we were able to achieve 30-60Mbps. This provided more than enough bandwidth and speed to sort this connection problem for the customer. Depending on your contract, it may also be cheaper to have SIM-based internet because there is no need to pay for an additional phone line as part of a contract.

On the left you can see some of the work involved installing the data cabinet which houses the Ubiquiti router, switch, and some of the smart home tech hubs the customer has in his property.

We have wired data outlets across the property because although wi-fi is very convenient, a wired connection provides a much stronger connection. We used CAT6a cable – this cable is capable of transferring 10Gbps! For a nominal extra cost compared with CAT6/CAT5e there is 10 times the transfer speed (compared with CAT5e), and ensures that the building is future-proofed with regards to advancements in connection speeds over the next decade or so.

The Ubiquiti switch used to distribute our connection is a PoE switch (power over ethernet). This means that the network can be added to with devices such as PoE cameras easily. They can integrated into your smart home seamlessly without the need for extra cabling – data and power is transferred down one cable.

Although Ubiquiti provide mesh network solutions, the customer already had a number of Linksys mesh units which Heritage re-programmed to work with our new network. A mesh network differs from access points in that it ensures where you are using wi-fi, the name of the network is consistent across your home or business. Using access points, a different network is emitted from each unit causing issues for devices such as Sonos smart speakers. Mesh networking is more costly than installing access points, however is essential for smart tech to function correctly.. plus you only have to remember one network password!

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