Mobility & assisted living automation installers

Using the latest technology to assist people in their own home

Assistive Technology Can Take The Strain Out Of
Everyday Tasks

Smart Home technology can be much more than a feature piece to occasionally show off to friends. Smart home technology can have a real life-changing impact for those that may need a helping hand with everyday tasks. More and more people are turning to innovative smart home technologies that exist right now to help make their lives easier.

Why Integrate Home Automation for Assisted Living:

Alexa Voice Control Smart Speaker on Wood Table With Vase Used to Intergate into a Smart Home

Smart Homes For Assisted Living & Mobility

Smart Homes can now be used to help less abled people stay in their homes offering a helping hand around the home and allowing loved ones to passively monitor the resident should they require help.

Mobile device being used to unlock front door on a smart home

Voice Activated Opening/ Closing Doors

We can install smart doors that open and close automatically using your smart speaker and unlock using your smart device.  This means those who are less able will never need to worry about a door again.

Smart Plug being used to monitor when a kettle has been switched on to passivly monitor resident in smart home

Passive Monitoring

A smart home can be set up to send notifications if say the kettle hasn’t been turned on by a certain time or if a door has not been opened. Motion sensors can also be installed to detect movement in areas of the house.

Mobile phone being used to control home blinds in a smart home

Open/ Close Windows & Blinds

Open and close your windows and blinds easily at the touch of a button or with a voice command. You can also pre-program times for your blinds to automatically close as the sun goes down


Lighting Control

No need to go round the entire house turning lights off simply say ‘Alexa, Good Night’ and all your lights turn off automatically. Hear something unnerving outside? In a few words turn all your home lights on and activate exterior floodlights. For those hard of hearing ensure you never miss a visitor by setting the lights to flash when the doorbell is pressed

CCTV Unit and Alarm fitted my Heritage Electrical Automation in Holmfirth on a smart home

CCTV & Security

Texecom security systems that can be remotely accessed and controlled. If Window shock sensors and external sensors are fitted the system can be set while you are home.
This will sound the alarm if someone is in an area outside the building, potentially looking for an easy access point into the house or if someone attempts to break the window or door. By adding this to your standard security installation you stop the burglar before they get into the house which is provides extra piece of mind.