Control temperatures at the touch of a button, and save on your energy bills.

A thermostat for every room

See how smart home heating can work in your home or business

Installation of smart app-based heating controls allow for instant and remote access to the heating of your home or business. Save money on heating bills by avoiding the needless heating of rooms not in use. Make use of sunlight sensors to adjust the amount of extra heating required by your system to keep you at the right temperature, day or night.

Watch this example video to see how smart heating can be integrated into your home.

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We’ve put together a playlist of the smart heating and cooling videos we’ve made. You can view them here. 

Why choose Heritage?

Expert planning and design

Every option explored and considered. We liaise with other trades to ensure smooth delivery.

High quality of workmanship

We care deeply about the quality and presentation of our installation work. We are not in the business of cutting corners.

Cutting edge smart home solutions

We can advise on useful, time and energy saving solutions for your smart home.

Expansive product knowledge

We can advise on products, but also have a range of preferred high quality items, tried and testing for longevity and functionality.

20+ years of experience

Our in house staff are suitably qualified, and stay on top of developments in the industry.

Transparent costs

We pride ourselves on accurate, honest quoting and invoicing. We maintain an open line of communication with clients regarding costings.

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